Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Funny Blakeley Shenanigans...(They Never Stop)

Here are some of the funny things Blakeley did this week...

Today Blakeley's breakfast prayer consisted of the following: "Dear Heavenly Father...Pizza...bless Dada, bless Mama, bless Sky, bless Phoebe, bless Pizza...something, something...Pizza...something something," and so on...

Then at lunch today Blakeley said, "Mom, look! It's a bib!"
With her tortilla

Yesterday Blakeley was in time out while I was changing Skylar's diaper & when I came back, she was eating a FROZEN corn dog! Gross! She had gotten it out of the box on the counter. Kids, I tell ya! I guess now I know what to feed her next time I'm feeling REALLY lazy.

On Wednesday, I found this.

I had been wondering where all of Blakeley's socks went!

On a sad note, she also got stung by a wasp that afternoon.  She handled it like a champ though and at least now I know she isn't allergic!

Earlier in the week Blakeley was so sweet. I was cleaning the table with a hand towel & on her own, she got a couple of clean hand towels out of the cupboard & hung them up on the oven handle. Such a good helper!  She seriously loves helping me.

Another funny thing about this picture is that everyday at some point, Blakeley will put on Skylar's clothes so this is actually the outfit I had on Skylar that day - size 6 months & it kinda fits!

WARNING!  This next one is a bit graphic but I pretty much take pictures whenever I can to document Blakeley's happenings. 

On July 27th, I posted this to Facebook:

Oh, to appreciate special moments in life. Like watching a sunset, seeing your baby smile for the first time, Blakeley taking off Skylar's poopy diaper while she's crawling around on the floor. Oh wait...

Luckily, it didn't create as big of a mess as it could have but Skylar was crawling around for a few minutes before I realized what happened because I was eating lunch at the table.  At least this rug I could just throw in the washing machine.  There were only two other spots I had to on tile and one on carpet.  So I'd say I lucked out on the mess potential.

With Blakeley around, the fun never stops!

Potty training update:  B has been doing great.  She's been wearing undies for two weeks now & doesn't really have accidents very often.  And she's been pooping in the toilet for a week now which is great!  For the longest time she wouldn't poop in the toilet & I even bribed her with Chuck E Cheese & ice cream.  So when she finally did, I had to pay up.  Here she is at Chuck E Cheese!

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