Friday, August 3, 2012

Breathing a Sigh of Relief...FINALLY!

Today is a monumental day for me.   After hours and hours on the phone, multiple letters written, and many tears of frustration shed, I FINALLY received the notice that I've been waiting for...the insurance company finally PAID the three claims that have been outstanding for months.  They approved my appeal back in January, these three claims slipped through the cracks and were never paid like they should have been, and after much craziness and stress endured on my part, they are PAID!   This is related to Skylar's hospitalization & surgery last July in Utah that unknowingly ended up being out of network.

I cannot express how happy I am to finally put this to rest.   This has probably been the most frustrating experience of my life...dealing with all of this aftermath with an insurance company who dropped the ball & really didn't care that I had to call twenty times since January trying to resolve this.   All of this stress has actually felt worse in a way than the hospital experiences themselves.  That might sound weird but it's hard to express unless you have been through this craziness with the insurance company & hospital providers. 

But overall, I am extremely grateful that instead of paying $16,000 out of pocket, we only had to pay about $550 since my appeal was approved based on the fact that it was an emergency situation. I really have needed some good news so I'm glad I got some today!  I have been waiting & waiting for this!

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